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The Session Convention

After the success, thrills and learning curve gained from my first Session Convention in 2011, I pledged to myself to try not miss another one and ensure future dates are synchronised straight into my google calender as soon as Vanishing magic confirm the dates.

I knew it was going to be awesome before I arrived to the first one because I brought ‘The Session 2007″ DVD featuring  sleight-of-hand artists from around the world, after watching the DVD, it was apparent that these sessions were a blast.

What makes ‘The Session’ great is you get to hang out with the world’s best sleight-of-hand magicians, where the majority are more than happy to spend any available time they may have assisting enthusiastic magicians with requests and questions. The main focus is on learning, interaction and sharing of techniques and ideas.
Just imagine a sold out convention with a whole room heaving of wizards where every table  is occupied with cards, coins and notepads and fellow comrades sharing demonstrations and advice over a drink or two till the early hours of the morning.

I have made some great friends in meeting top close-up magicians Stephen Leathwaite, Ollie Mealing, Tom Crosbie, Fritz Alkemade and Daniel Chard, whom have all released their DVD’s (which I own) teaching their routines and styles.

Below are the highlights and top magicians I have had the honour of meeting or lectures I have attended.

Firstly I’ll start with Vanishing Inc founders and magicians
Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin.  The duo have a wealth of knowledge between them regarding the history of magic, magicians and the latest material/routines. I have gained a lot resources from their published work and DVD’s, which I include in my working repertoire. I also really appreciate how I am looked after as Andi reserved a seat at the front for me, to ensure I get the most out of attending The Session with my severe hearing deficiency.

Eric Jones, a close-up magician who can perform extremely well with cards AND coins, a feat most close-up magicians struggle to do well, usually very slick at one or the other. Eric has been very helpful to me on many occasions, including at Blackpool and Facebook and has provided me with valuable feedback and guidance. It was Eric that enlighten me about the ‘World Deaf Magicians’ festivals and championships which I had no idea about and hope to attend one day.

Darwin Ortiz is a gambling expert and known as the world’s foremost expert on card cheating.  At the first session he demonatrated a routine called ‘Hard Target’ which blew my mind and is now implemented into my arsenal of tricks. Darwin is a highly intelligent guy that comes up with new ideas and elegant and stylish magic.

John Archer, the guy who fooled ‘Penn & Teller’ has to be one of the funniest magicians I know.

Luke Jermay, a brilliant mentalist that comes up with thought-provoking material by developing new ways/styles as well as contributing to the world of mentalism.

Denis Behr is known in sleight-of-hand circles as one of the finest technicians alive. He gathered attention by posting youtube videos of sleights that even expert magicians deemed impossible.

Pit Hartling
, another smart and innovative card magic whom first gained international recognition for his role in the Flicking Fingers, the ten-group magic sensation that took FISM and the the world by storm.

International Man of Mystery

Mr Berglas


David Berglas who headline my first session in 2011. I recall Derren Brown describing David as  “One of our greatest living magical performers”. David is an amazing psychological illusionist and mentalist and his Berglas Effect is something I always wanted to see, especially after seeing Marc Paul perform it live on ‘Michael Parkinson’ show, it’s just mind boggling!



Chris Kenner and I


Since the mid 90’s, Chris Kenner has worked as David Copperfield’s executive producer and spends alot of his time touring the world with David Copperfield.
Chris sat right next to me at the front as he tearfully watched a surprised tribute video made by his great friend/magician Homer Liwag.
In the early hours of the morning I showed him my variation of his ‘5 speed’ where I use 6 cards (60 seconds) added my edited theme track ‘Mission Impossible’ which I played from my phone. His response was “That was very good, I liked that” which simply just made my night!


Dani Ortiz


Dani Ortiz is up there amongst the best card magicians and somebody I thoroughly enjoy to watch. At the session I was allowed to watch his lecture again (due to my hearing impairment). In both lectures he got a massive standing ovation from the audience mostly comprising of  magicians themselves whom watched in awe and enthusiam. His DVD ‘utopia’ is simply brilliant.


Others include Wayne Houchin, John Archer & Michael Vincent,  and Kainoa Harbottle and many more master magicians.


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