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Hypnogician WOWS Pippa Middleton and her boyfrield Nico Jackson


Kiegan being deaf himself was honoured when asked to entertain for the Mary Hare charity at Newbury Racecourse.

“The Mary Hare Charity believes that all deaf children should receive the education and support which will enable them to achieve their full potential at home, school and in their subsequent careers.”

The beautiful Pippa Middleton is a valuable ambassador for Mary Hare and was lending her support on the night Kiegan was booked to do close-up magic.

That night they managed to raise over overwhelming £185,000.

Kiegan had no idea Pippa was going to be present and was over the moon when asked if he would show Pippa some close-up magic. It was a very thrilling experience watching the reactions of Pippa, her boyfriend Nico and another gentlemen which then became one of the most magical and humbling moments for Kiegan himself when Pippa told Kiegan “You are Amazing!”.

Kiegan will never forget that magical moment of entertaining the future Queen’s sister. He kept the signed card which she signed then seconds later to be flabbergasted at finding her signed card folded and hidden underneath her own watch.

The photograph has been blown up, framed with the signed card underneath and shall be a present to Zahara, Kiegan’s daughter, when she is old enough is grasp that her father has performed to the future Queen Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa.


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