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Ellie Goulding NYE Party 2016

Pippa Middleton



“You are Amazing”
Pippa Middleton




Las Vegas’s Leading Hypnotist



“One day I will come and see one of yours shows…I’m proud of you and your accomplishments, Continued Success in all your future shows!”
Marc Savard






“Kiegan is TRULY UNREAL”
Rylan Clark





Anthony Pilkington – Premiership and International Football Player

Tweet from Anthony “Thanks to HypnogicianUK for the magic tricks, you had everyone in the room mesmerised!! I highly recommend if you want a magician!!” Anthony










Misha B



“That was incredible, do you have a business card?”
Misha B





Model – Carl Reindorf



“Kiegan’s magic tricks are second to none, i have personally witnessed them and it leaves an unforgetable experience. He has done a few performances for my fashion shows which was are always a delight to watch! I still had enquiries about him weeks later”
Carl Reindorf



Walkaround Magician – Lee Smith


“All great magicians have a spark for what they do and are always willing to learn more no matter how much practice it will take. They also know that personality is as important as the magic itself, Kiegan is one of these people.”
Lee Smith





Unbreakable Frazer Herald

Dale Williams and Frazer Herald June 2010

“In June 2010 , my boyfriend and I went on Holiday to Kavos in Corfu. Whilst there, we were fortunate enough to meet a charming gentleman called Kiegan Valelly who was there working, performing magic and hypnosis in the time leading up to his wedding. We watched him perform and we were very impressed with all of his shows. At one of the shows, my boyfriend, Frazer agreed to participate in his act which involved hypnosis. Frazer has previously participated in the Channel 5 reality series and earned the title of “Unbreakable” as well as Lanzarote Ironman. He is not averse to being pushed to the boundaries in both strength and stamina. Frazer is 6ft 3, well built and extremely strong and I was skeptical that Kiegan would manage to hypnotise and do anything with him. I was amazed to watch Frazer be very quickly put under hypnosis, drop to the floor and then be lifted onto 2 separated chairs with nothing holding him up in the middle. Kiegan then proceeded to stand on him with his full weight. ( I believe the technical term for this is body catalepsy). It was amazing to watch, that along with his very quick hands performing card tricks had us mesmorised and totally impressed. It was a pleasure to have met him and we still keep in touch now.”

Dave O’Donnell – UK MMA Promoter


“WOW! That was sick! How the F?#k did you do that?”

“No one has done more for UK MMA than legendary promoter Dave O’Donnell. The driving force behind global brand Cage Rage and Europe’s leading MMA Organisation Ultimate Challenge (UCMMA)”




Ellis Weddings Shows –


“Many thanks for attending yesterday’s wedding show – it was, judging by the bride’s leaving and the feedback forms, a great success,  I feel your magic and tricks not only impressed the brides and me, but exhibitors too- you really are a professional and your talent is unbelievable!”




Mr & Mrs Hill – London

“Some months before our wedding, we attended a party where Kiegan was performing, and I was very impressed by his magic tricks – I pride myself on being quite quick to spot sleight of hand but was blown away by Kiegan’s work! I then (foolishly) claimed that I didn’t believe in hypnotism and that nobody could hypnotise me, and challenged Kiegan to try… ten minutes later I was totally hypnotised and (according to what I have been told anyway) I was doing some very funny stuff! Highlight for my wife was me crouched forward, bouncing up and down, convinced I was riding a horse as a jockey… My wife tells me that while I was ‘under’ Kiegan was very careful not only to have fun and entertain, but was watching out for me all the time too. The next day, we both said nothing to each other until over dinner I mentioned that I thought Kiegan was very good, and my wife said straightaway ‘let’s ask him to come and perform at our wedding!’. I got in touch soon after and Kiegan confirmed he was available. On the day of our wedding Kiegan arrived for the evening reception and was an instant hit with the wedding guests – he started by mingling with the crowd and chatting to people, and almost as an aside got out the cards and started performing magic tricks. His easy-going and friendly approach meant that by mid-evening, a small crowd had gathered around him watching each trick, and asking for more. Throughout the evening, pretty much everyone at the wedding spent some time checking out Kiegan’s tricks and challenging him to do a magic trick for them. Even at the end of the night, as people began to drift off home, Kiegan was still drawing a crowd, and had people asking to be hypnotised. Since our wedding day, many of our guests have commented on Kiegan’s performance, saying what a good idea it was, that Kiegan wasn’t at all like a stereotypical cheesy wedding magician they imagined, and how gobsmacked they were by some of the tricks he pulled! I thoroughly enjoyed having Kiegan performing at our wedding reception, and would recommend him to anyone who asked.”

Tommy Hughes Goalkeeper -Chelsea between 1965 & 1971 as Bonetti’s deputy.


“Thank you for a great night of magic at the Three Elms Pub. The locals had a great night and were astonished at your skills.  Lou & Nicky the girl you hypnotised,  have still been taking about your tricks since that night, once again, thanks for  great nights entertainment.”






The Hen Party Girls


“What a brilliant addition you made to our hen party for my sister-in-law! The magic tricks really broke the ice at the start of what was to be a really memorable evening – especially when you revealed the missing Queen of Hearts – transfer tattooed on your posterior!! So much fun, fully recommended!”  Jo Binnersley




 “I’d like to thank you for the wonderful magic show you did at our wedding to entertain the guests while the photos were being done. While we only had 3 children there, all of the adults were like big kids as your sleight of hand left them all spellbound – from making coins bend to cards appearing where they shouldn’t have, all the guests were thoroughly entertained and amazed at the same time. Our only regret was that we were too busy having the photos taken to take part. Thanks you again for helping to make our wonderful day even more magical” Dave & Bev


Charlie Hickman & Jackie Brown

Diamond Anniversary – 60 years

” Many thanks for all the magic on Mum and Dad’s Special Day, it was fabulous.  I still can’t understand how you managed to bend the coins or hide the cards so well; it will keep us all talking about it for years to come.  Your kind words in Mum and Dad’s card was a very nice touch and we wish you all the best in the future.  We will definitely recommend you for the any type of party.  Thank you once again.” Jackie Brown

“I thoroughly enjoyed the magic at my grandparents’ party, especially the coin bending trick and the signed card that disappeared and ended up in your wallet!  The fact that you were partially deaf made no difference to the performance as it was outstanding and I would love to see more magic from you in the future.  Many thanks.”  Charlie Hickman (aged 12)

Warren Leggett, Droitwich


“The best magician around, thanks for a brilliant night”
Warren Leggett, NYE Party 2011






Anna & Chris Sherriff

“Dear Kiegan

You performed at our wedding on 21st April 2012 at Puckrup Hall in Tewkesbury. We thank you enough for entertaining our guests. We have had so many people tell us how wonderful they thought you were and how they enjoyed what did. The children were completely taken back by you and really enjoyed your tricks, but the adults were equally taken back by you too.
We are so pleased that we decided to book you and would recommend any other bride and groom to book you too. You are very special and you are wonderful at what you do. We wish you all the very best for the future and hope you keep up the good work of helping other couples have as magical wedding day as we did with your help.
I have attached some photos of you at our wedding and we are very happy for you to use them on your website if you want to, we would also be only too happy to recommend you to others. I hope we have another event sometime in the future where we will have the opportunity to book you. Once again, many thanks and best wishes for the future.”
Anna & Chris


Emily & Jonty

“Having you entertain the guests at our wedding was truly magical. Thank you so much for being there to fill the crowd with smiles and laughter. Our friends are still talking about how amazing your tricks are. It’s a pleasure to have met you and we hope to see you again soon. THANK YOU!

We mean every word. It is wonderful to have met you. Thank you Keigan.

Best regards”

Emily & Jonty x


 “Well, what a fantastic entertainer you are!!!!! The guests loved you and couldn’t get enough, we wished we had booked you for the whole night, Thank-you so much for making our wedding day so much more fun”

Sian & Dan Teale




Emma & Nathan

“As you know we asked you to be part of the wedding on our son Edward’s recommendation after he saw you in action at a dinner – he spoke very highly of your skills and on the day it was just as he said. Everyone was captivated by your skills and we would have liked you to have stayed longer. Adults and children alike were truly entranced by the magic you weaved. Gerry and I would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and indeed have already done so. Thank you for helping to make the day the great success that it was despite the dreadful weather. My comments are heartfelt. We look forward to seeing you in action again soon. I will also try to get some more photos from other guests.”

Elizabeth & Gerry Gwyther